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FAQs - What is "All On Four"?
What is the “All On Four”?

Same day implant teeth, known, as the “All On Four”, is the revolutionary smile solution for those who lost all their teeth, suffering from poor broken teeth or loose fitting dentures.

This safe revolutionary treatment provides you with a permanent fixed teeth restoration (non-removable fixed teeth) in just one day. The treatment is designed to utilize only four dental implants to secure your permanent teeth and has changed the lives for many individuals today.

Am I a candidate for the “All On Four”?

Optimal candidates for the “All On Four” procedure include are those who:

  • Lost all or most of their teeth
  • Have many badly broken or diseased teeth
  • Currently have removable dentures
Why should I choose to have the “All On Four” procedure?

The All On Four dental implant procedure has grown in popularity among individuals in need of secure dentures. Studies have proven long-term success rate of 95%, over the past 15 years. Incorporating titanium alloys and CAD/CAM technologies (computer-aided design), we are able to provide patients with an affordable, safe, comfortable, stable and healthy treatment alternative. When compared to other treatment options, “All On Four” requires significantly shorter treatment durations.

What is the process that a patient undergoes?

A new patient begins the “All On Four” procedure with comprehensive consultation with Dr. Halim (one hour or 90 minutes) including X-rays. The treatment process requires a case work-up, a CT scan, and fabrication of the prosthesis (new teeth).

The surgical dental implants placement and securing of the new teeth are then completed under sedation in the same day. After the healing period for dental implants (3-4 months), the final restoration is constructed and attached permanently.

Three yearly maintenances are required thereafter, to ensure long-term, healthy and successful treatment.

What will I experience leaving the office after the teeth are in?

It is hard to describe or predict an individual’s feelings. However, many of our patients have described it as a life changing experience. Before the procedure, the patient is often wearing annoying, removable dentures or suffers from badly broken teeth. By the end of the procedure, they leave with a beautiful smile, extremely happy and excited about life again. It is truly a life changing experience!

What differs between Implant Dentures and “All On Four”?

Dental implants are specially machined titanium roots, designed to be installed into the jaw, as a replacement for the root of your teeth. Dental implants can be utilized to support one or multiple teeth

Removable denture can be secured with dental implants. Specialized attachments (usually ball and socket type) that are designed to stabilize your denture during chewing, function and smile, and can be used as a solid anchors for removable dentures.

It generally only takes 2-4 dental implants to stabilize the removable denture. Implant dentures can dramatically improve peoples lives when transitioning from a conventional removable denture to secured and stable implant denture. Implant dentures also enhance your chewing efficiency, other oral functions and confidence.

Modern day dental implants have an extremely high success rate, well above 95% over the past 40 years. With proper diagnosis and treatment planning, risk factors are significantly reduced.

A denture made by Dr. Halim has become a trademark in the dental industry. He creates a uniquely designed prosthetics that are developed and perfected through his artistic process. This special process results in a denture that has been customized for each patient, providing optimal function and natural looking teeth.

What makes someone an expert on the All On Four?

A dental expert qualified to perform the “All On Four” procedure should possess the following:

  • Board Certified dental specialists team of a Prosthodontists and a surgeon or a Periodontist
  • Proven history and experiences in oral reconstructions and wide knowledge of dental implants
  • Reliable reputation to ensure quality follow up and management of treatment outcomes
Why Dr. Halim is the right choice for me?
  • Dr. Halim is one of only three Board Certified Prosthodontists in Beverly Hills.
  • He specializes in creating uniquely customized healthy smiles for each of his individual patients in his on-site laboratory.
  • Dr. Halim has vast experience with dental implants and “All On Four” treatment through his intense post-doctoral Prosthodontic training, teaching career and private practice experience for the past 25 years.
  • He has developed and published his own techniques in constructing and designing “All On Four” implant treatment and restorations, ensuring precise fit and long-term success for his patients.
  • Dr. Halim has lectured in national and international settings including Chicago, New York, Sweden, Turkey and Australia.


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