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Los Angeles & Beverly Hills "All on Four" Procedure

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Dr. Tarek Halim uses the latest in technology for the All on Four Procedure in Los Angeles

“All On Four” is the revolutionary solution and treatment for those who have lost all their teeth and/or suffering from poor broken teeth.

How "All on Four" Change Your Life

If you have been suffering from your loose dentures, your missing and broken teeth, “All On Four” is worth investigating.  “All On Four” dental implants treatment can the life changing solution for you; forget about the pain and suffering and start to feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror.  It is time to enjoy life and the new you, the beautiful and healthy teeth and smile you have been longing for!

According to the American Dental Association Standards of Care, dental implants treatment is an essential modality for patients with teeth loss.

Same day implant teeth concept “All On Four” is an affordable revolutionary treatment modality. The technique requires only four successful dental implants in each jaw.

All On Four implants by The Beverly Dentistry

The treatment is composed of three phases:

Phase I

A new patient begins the “All On Four” procedure with comprehensive consultation with Dr. Halim (90 minutes) including X-rays.  The treatment process requires a case work-up, a CT scan, and fabrication of the prosthesis (new teeth).

Phase II

Permanent teeth are placed in the same day of this procedure “Temporary Teeth Phase”.  Four dental implants are surgically placed in your jawbone, and then the teeth are secured in the same day on these new successful implants.  The whole procedure is completed under sedation.  In other words, you go to sleep and wake up with new health teeth and smile, a new enhanced life!

Phase III

After the healing phase (3-4 months), another final set of teeth are fabricated and inserted permanently.  During the healing phase, you will be able to show your new attractive healthy smile and function comfortably.

Some patients prefer to start with phases I&II, due to its lower cost.  Keeping our patients long term well being in mind, we advise them to proceed on the final restorative phase within a few months to avoid any complications.

Dental implant treatment is the best evolution that happened in the dental field over the past forty years.  The concept of same day implant teeth is not new either.  For the past 25 years, Dr. Halim has developed his own successful techniques to provide his patient with a life changing results.


• Comprehensive Expert Evaluation, X-Rays and CT Scan ($600 Value)

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