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Tarek Halim, DDS, MSc, FACP
Board Certified Prosthodontists
Since 1982, Tarek Halim, DDS, has dedicated his professional career to transforming lives, one smile at a time. Dr. Halim’s passion for perfection has continuously rewarded him as his patients experience the transformational changes post procedures and throughout their lives.

Dr. Halim’s passion for perfection has continuously rewarded him as his patients experience the transformational changes post procedures and throughout their lives. Raised in the Mediterranean culture, Dr. Halim was always known for his raw intellect, attention to detail and perfectionist nature.

Since a very early age, he was always at the top of his class and displayed his entrepreneurial skills.  While setting the standard for his peers, Dr. Halim always knew in his heart that he would provide something very unique to make a difference for others.

Growing up, Dr. Halim spent most of his time with his affluent grandmother.  For years, he witnessed her daily struggle with the harsh realities of wearing false teeth.  It was this difficult experience that led Dr. Halim to dedicate his life to helping people like his grandmother regain confidence about their smiles and the quality of their lives.  Since then, Dr. Halim has traveled the world and obtained world-class training to ensure that his childhood dream became a reality.

Setting his roots in Chicago at the world-renowned University of Illinois, Dr. Halim successfully completed his Master of Science Degree in only eleven months.  His exceptional performance gained recognition by the faculty, which led Professor Dennis Weber to describe him as “the best student I have ever had in my educational career.”  Following this, Dr. Halim completed an extensive Post-Doctoral three-year training in Advanced Prosthodontics and served as Assistant Professor and Director for the Prosthodontic Fellowship Program.  Additionally, he was the first graduate of the program to obtain the American Board of Prosthodontic Certification, serving as a Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics.

Subsequently, Dr. Halim relocated to California where he settled in Beverly Hills, the world-renowned epicenter of premium dental and medical services.  Pursuing his original dream, Dr. Halim’s mission was to establish a well-recognized luxury dental practice that catered to a global clientele looking for the best dental services in a private upscale environment.  By offering premium services in a low-volume setting, Dr. Halim’s dream became a reality.  Today, his practice offers highly personalized care and result driven procedures.  This unique combination has led the practice to be recognized as one of the top Prosthodontic facilities in the United States.


Dr. Halim is one of only three Board Certified Prosthodontists in the Beverly Hills area, providing a wide range of services, from general dentistry to advanced Prosthodontic treatments such as smile rejuvenations and porcelain veneers, implant dentistry, full mouth rehabilitations and reconstructions, world class dentures and partials, implant dentures and sleep apnea and TMJ disorders treatment.

While introducing the most cutting edge treatments and technology available for his patients, Dr. Halim maintains his top level of expertise. He continuously dedicates his time to understanding each patients needs, educating them about their oral health and ensuring their comfort throughout all procedures.

Dr. Halim and his highly trained team have set the standard in providing comprehensive treatment planning while using restorative and aesthetic dentistry to achieve optimal dental health for each patient.

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