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What is a Temporary (Provisional)?
What is a Temporary (Provisional)?

A temporary or a “provisional” is an interim restoration that is usually fabricated from resins. It is designed to serve for a shorter period of time and to be used until the final restoration (crown or porcelain veneer) is ready to be bonded to your tooth.

What is the purpose of a Temporary (Provisional)?

The primary purpose of the temporary restoration is to be utilized while your final restoration (crown or porcelain veneer) is ready to be bonded to you tooth.

Temporary restoration (provisionals) allow you to:

  • Function comfortably
  • Enjoy optimal aesthetic results
  • Examine the design and make adjustments and improvements in appearance and functionality
  • Provide a trial for the changes and other needed modifications with your dentist while your final restoration is ready
When is a Temporary necessary?

Temporary restorations are always necessary whenever you need a restoration to your tooth that must be fabricated in the dental laboratory, such as crowns, porcelain veneers, inlay and onlays.

How are Temporaries made?

Temporary restorations can be fabricated at the dental laboratory or at your dental office. Several techniques can be utilized in the fabrication and is usually based on your condition and the perseverance of your dentist.

What materials are used to make Temporaries?

Temporary restorations are usually made from resin materials and can be matched to your natural tooth color. In certain instances, where high esthetic demands are required, they can be made of ceramics.

What is the quality of a Temporary (Provisional)?

The quality of a temporary or “provisional” is optimal for short periods of time (typically weeks to months, depending on the treatment condition). Temporary restorations are optimal only when there is a need for continuous observations and or modifications by your dentist. By nature, the resin material deteriorates over time and requires continuous modifications and adjustments to ensure preserving your tooth structure.

How long do I use a Temporary (Provisional)?

Temporary restorations are designed for a limited duration and that varies from weeks to months based on the complexity of your treatment.

It is very crucial to note, that you MUST be under close observation by your dentist while you are using the temporary restorations. Temporary restorations deteriorate over time and must be consistently modified and closely observed by your dentist. Lack of maintenance for temporaries may cause serious damage to your teeth

What is the placement and removal procedure of a Temporary?

Placement and removal of temporary restorations is quite simple and often pain free. The procedure does not typically require a Novocain shot!

What is the cost of a Temporary?

The cost of temporary restoration is significantly less than the final restoration. Temporary restorations can be an affordable way to start your treatment, however, they have a very limited lifespan and will eventually require a permanent restoration.

What are the post-treatment restrictions for temporaries?

Post treatment restrictions include the following:

  • Avoiding sticky foods such as caramels and chewing gum
  • Consult with your dentist regularly to prevent the temporaries from becoming loose
  • Remain under close observation by your dental specialist to limit any complications that might occur

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