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Bondings & Fillings
Bonding/White Fillings

Bonding or white composite is a conservative approach to repair slightly chipped, discolored or crooked teeth.  It is also the material of choice used by dental experts today to treat cavities and dental decay.  Composite resins have been credited as one of the best evolutions to happen to the dental industry.

Dr. Halim at The Beverly Dentistry takes bonding seriously by offering state-of-the-art materials to best serve you. Dental bonding (white composite resins) is a tooth colored filling placed and bonded onto your tooth to repair its missing structure and improve its appearance and functionality. The composite resin bonds to your tooth structure and closely matches your tooth natural structure, texture and color.

This procedure is usually completed in one visit. Bonding is less expensive than other aesthetic treatments and has grown in popularity among patients.

If you are experiencing a chip or stain on your teeth, contact The Beverly Dentistry.

Bondings & Fillings


Composite Fillings Blend Appearance and Strength

White or tooth-colored composite fillings offer a natural appearance, near perfect color match and increased stability.  Many patients prefer composite fillings because the white color blends are much better than the dark amalgams (silver metal fillings) used in the past, considering the recent enhancement in their technologies today.  Composite fillings can be used on both the front and back teeth; depending on the location and extent of tooth decay.



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