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Teeth Cleaning and Oral Hygiene

The Beverly Dentistry Teeth Cleaning

Optimum oral health is best achieved through a proper oral hygiene regimen and is critical in the prevention of Periodontal (gum) Disease and tooth decay (caries).

The Beverly Dentistry is an advocate of preventative dental care and educates our patients of its benefits.  Our team takes pride in offering the highest quality dental hygiene services, “Preventive Care,” in a relaxing environment.

Preventive Care “Teeth Cleaning and Hygiene”

During your appointment, one of our hand selected dental hygienists will perform a gentle and through teeth cleaning.  After your cleaning is complete, Dr. Halim performs a detailed check up to ensure your optimum oral health.

At The Beverly Dentistry our team takes time with our patients to explain any procedures that we recommend and are happy to answer any questions to ensure patients are relaxed, confident and trusting in our hands.

Proper maintenance and regular preventive care provide a lifetime of a beautiful smile and properly functioning teeth.  Our team will take the time and work with you to develop your oral hygiene regimen to achieve optimal, long-term oral health.

Deep Cleaning “Initial Periodontal Therapy”

Initial periodontal therapy, know as “deep cleaning” is the first rout of treatment for those who developed gum or periodontal diseases.   The term deep cleaning became popular as the dental hygienist take time to thoroughly clean the root surfaces from deposits and unhealthy irregularities.  The procedure can be completed with local anesthetics, however, many patients prefer not to.

Compliance with treatment and maintaining optimal oral hygiene care thereafter, would result in healing of periodontal pockets and avoid periodontal “gum” surgery in the future.  The procedure can take from one to four sessions based on the extent of your condition.  Continuous evaluation and regular preventive care is very important to prevent relapse of the condition in the future.

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