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Dentures and Partials

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 Dentures and Partials are removable restorations that are used for replacing missing natural teeth. They serve as a great option for any patient looking for cost-efficient restorations. Although they may not sound appealing to many individuals, when properly constructed, they provide excellent functionality and aesthetics!

Precision attachments can be used to provide greater stability and better looking dentures and partials.

  • Immediate Dentures are another type of a full denture. Immediate dentures are worn after your teeth are removed and while your gums heal. This type of denture does not involve a period without teeth. Immediate dentures require dental visits before your tooth extraction to plan and fabricate the dentures. For those who have lost most of their teeth, three treatment options are available: conventional dentures implant dentures and the “All On Four”.
  • Conventional dentures, commonly known as “false teeth”, have been used to treat patients with missing teeth since the 18th century. Each denture is designed to restore a patient’s natural teeth and oral structure that has deteriorated over the years. When done correctly, dentures will improve your smile and overall functionality.
  • Implant supported dentures have proven to enhance people lives. In many instances, dental implants have been used to anchor traditional dentures to provide increased stability and enhance functionality. Implant supported dentures have increased in popularity due to the elimination of denture movement. This procedure has been credited for changing the lives of individuals who wear dentures.

The ADA Council advocates dental Implant Supported Dentures as the standard of care when treating lower arches with no teeth!

With dental implants, your dentures are securely fastened in your mouth! With dental implants, there no more embarrassing loose dentures during social activities!

Clinical studies correlated the use of denture adhesive and signs of neurological damage. Anchoring dentures to dental implants saves you the embarrassment of moving teeth in social settings and eliminates the need for denture adhesives.

Many of our patients will tell you that implants have changed not only their smiles, and their overall appearance, but also the quality of their lives!

Are dentures right for you?

The “All On Four”, known as same day teeth, is a revolutionary solution and treatment for those who have lost their teeth and/or suffering from poor broken teeth.

The “All On Four” technique requires only four successful dental implants in each jaw. Permanent teeth are placed in the same day of the procedure. The whole procedure completed under sedation. In other words, you go to sleep and wake up with new health teeth and smile, a new enhanced life! “All On Four

Due to his unique educational and clinical experience in this arena, Dr. Halim takes pride in developing outstanding dentures and partials. A denture made by Dr. Halim has become a trademark in the dental industry. He creates a uniquely designed prosthetic that is developed and perfected through his artistic process. This special process results in a denture that has been customized for each patient, providing optimal function and natural looking teeth.
If you have been suffering with your denture or partials, it is time to experience the difference of one specifically designed for you by Dr. Halim!


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